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This Recipe makes perfect Cashed Chicken with only a couple of changes.

1. Switch Mirin for the rice wine
2. Omit all other sugar
3. Omit all salt
4. Add green onions in the last few seconds of cooking
5. I doubled almost all of the ingredients, and tripled the marinates

As the recipe mentions, the secret to really tender chicken is the 15 minutes with baking soda, which was new to me, and explains the overly tender beef and pork found in some Chinese restaurants.

Mirin is a bit sweet, so additional sugar is unnecessary, and leaving out additional salt (you get some salt from the soy sauce, and I used salted cashews), lets the taste of fresh vegetables come through. By using just enough oil to do the stir-fry, it ends up with a very clean flavor, with little of the oily nature of many fast food dishes.
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