egon (egon010) wrote,

1000 Clean Energy Jobs

I created 1000 Clean Energy Jobs today!

It's a bit less than the 200,000 jobs the "Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act" will create, but you gotta start somewhere.

These jobs are in the "Clean Energy" sector. Do you want a job in "Clean Energy"? Don't know if you qualify? Well, take our exam. Still don't qualify? Attend the "Clean Energy College", and in 4 short years, you will be qualified.

Wait, we don't have 4 years to wait. In the meantime, we're going to hire people from overseas.

Also, we can't actually afford to pay people today, so we're going to get grants from the Government!

Hey look, I just made 1000 jobs that YOU are going to pay for.

Read section 132, 301, 302, 311
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